Former Arsenal player Ian Wright joined to sing the praises of Coach Arsene Wenger as he celebrates his 20th anniversary in charge at the club.

The famous ex-Gunner spoke on how the manager transformed the club since taking over.

“He sent me off for a training camp in the south of France, with the fitness guru Tiburce Darou. Darou got me doing stuff I’d never thought of, running in sand, swimming, playing basketball. It was like spending a week with Yoda,” Wright revealed.

“It was a test of course, a challenge. I was 32 when Wenger arrived but still hungry for glory. Wenger wanted proof. I came back fitter and stronger than ever and, thanks to Wenger, I was still playing for England at 34 having left Arsenal and signed for West Ham,” Wright added.

Wright said the fitness regime helped him remain at the top of his game for years. Since retiring, Wright has established his name as a pundit. Wright recently reminded people that Fabregas’ picture remained on the club’s Emirates stadium. He seems upset that the former Arsenal play maker’s picture was still on the club’s property. It seems Wright is still not happy with Fabregas’ move to Chelsea.

“HELLO! How is Cesc still on the Ken friar bridge?” Wright posted on his Instagram account. Fabregas was one of the youngest captains of top clubs when he led the team. He finally succumbed to Barcelona’s pressure as he joined in 2011. He didn’t stay long, and wanted to return to England. However, Wenger snubbed him so he moved to Chelsea where he has made impact until recently. Arsenal are squaring off against Chelsea in a much awaited game in the Premier League, and fans are already clamouring that Blues’ manager Antonio Conte allow the Spaniard feature.