Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright, who continues to write columns in major daily papers in England, has said that FIFA President Sepp Blatter should immediately resigned from his post after making controversial comments about racism in world football.

Ian Wright was set to become one of the members to host the Ballon d’Or award function that is set to be held in Zürich, but the former Arsenal striker has said that he will not be hosting the function should Sepp Blatter not apologise for his comments over racism.

The Ballon d’Or award is going to be given to either Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Xavi. Ian Wright was one of the major personalities set to host this function, but it has been now revealed that the former Arsenal striker will not be keen on hosting this function. FIFA president Sepp Blatter recently said that racism should not be allowed to interfere with the game too much and that the game should be continued with just a handshake.

This has, unsurprisingly, produced a strong reaction back in England where Sepp Blatter is being viewed as the public enemy number one. Even though there has been little overreaction in other countries, England has been one of the major adversaries for Sepp Blatter in the last few years.

‘I will not compromise my beliefs on certain things just for exposure and this is definitely one of them. If he doesn’t come out and apologise then there’s no way I can do it. And if he does apologise then surely that means he’s got to go, doesn’t it?,’ said Ian Wright in his column for The Sun. The Ballon d’Or award is going to take place in Zürich on January 9th. It is one of the most awaited awards of the year.