No matter how justifiable an outrage should be, there’s always that one elder that will tell you you should have reacted differently. Kept your ego in check, your head, down.

After Arsenal’s dismal draw with Crystal Palace at the Emirates on Sunday, Ian Wright joined the bandwagon of critics – literally every Gunner fan in the world – to condemn the behavior of their captain Granit Xhaka after the Swiss held his hand to his ears, told the fans to bleep off, ripped his shirt out and walked down the dressing room.

This bit of theatre all happened because Coach Unai Emery was trying to win the Palace game through subbing his captain off.

Most times, perfect relationships are like wine bottles. The day you finally open up is the day you will realizing a lot was boiling under the cork. Imperfect relationships forced to look perfect are worse. Opening them up is like starting a nuclear war.

Granit Xhaka becoming the Gunners’ captain is one of the most bizarre things to happen in football this season. There has never been no love lost between him and the fans simply because he isn’t the player they want him to be.

That relationship has reached new depths following yesterday’s sour affair.

Like all elders that try to get you to do the right thing, Ian Wright has come out to openly tell Xhaka to apologize for his disrespect to the same group of folks who paid to come see him do his job.

“He should apologize – that’s the captain. He should be apologizing. He should have apologized already. That’s the guy they chose as the captain. That’s not a captain’s behavior.” Said the former Gunners’ striker.

Emery also admitted his captain’s conduct was uncalled for and he was flat out wrong.