Ian Wright Wants A Position In Tottenham

If you look at Spurs and Leicester, they are titled rivals as they are separated by a mere five point difference.

Ian Wright has stated that he would want a position in Tottenham rather than in Leiceter as the run in games of Preimer League begin. Ian Wright has been a former striker in Arsenal. The two teams, Leicester and Spurs have ended up being title contenders. It is considered that Claudio Ranieri’s team might end up having the advantage over the Spurs. The international break is also about to begin for them.

The Foxes might have lost three games in the season and that has made them favorites of many bookmakers. They are being considered as possible winners of the trophy. There are seven more games that they are yet to play. However, as per Wright, he would prefer to be part of Mauricio’s young team. That is because his current team is leading and hence, it would have a tensed atmosphere that would make it difficult for the team members to relax.

Tottenham has been applying pressure to the right points for which Ian would rather be with that team right now. Though Leicester has been putting the pressure on Spurs, but Tottenham definitely has a sound strategy in place. There are other points to Tottenham’s advantage. They have dismissed the Bournemouth team and have shown brilliant performance. Leicester will not be able to relax.

Tottenham has also had the best difference in goals. They have the best record in the defensive category as well. The fixture list that comes up will surely be daunting for the team. However, the team members are a young batch and hence, the possibilities are endless. It remains to be seen how well an Ian Wright’s team pulls off the rest of the season’s games.