Wright Claims Suarez Has Serious Problems

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has claimed that Luis Suarez is a player with serious problems and he needs to get help as soon as possible. Suarez was recently found guilty of biting an opposition player for the third time in his career. He has already accumulated a total of 17 matches for his previous two incidents, while there has also been the eight match ban for the racial abuse of Patrice Evra. Since this is a repeat offence, FIFA are expected to deal with Suarez in a heavy manner. It would not be surprising to see the 27-year-old handed the highest possible punishment.

FIFA also concerned that the reputation of the game is being tarnished by Suarez. Even though there has been a lot of support for the Uruguayan striker from his homeland, it is unlikely to change the length of the punishment. The current record for the most number of matches missed by an international footballer is eight. A number of pundits have also been saying that Suarez should undergo professional help, as he does not seem to learn from the incident. Wright was a pundit for the World Cup.

A former England international, he has played in World Cups before, but this could rank as the worst he has seen. “The guys has got some serious problems, man. To be doing that in the World Cup, I’m gutted for him. I think the guy’s got problems. For him do to that in the World Cup after the season he’s had, he’s kind of kept his nose clean, I kind of feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for him because he’s obviously not in control of something and he’s an unbelievable player,” said Wright. “He did it at Ajax as well, football can’t have that on the pitch,” said Glenn Hoddle.